The people, who know and understand energy better to Harness, Optimize and Economize for your prosperity, for global prosperity.

Energy is every where. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It’s always a challenge to humanity on how to harness this energy optimally for sustainable development and for overall progress.

The sunlight hitting an area of just 1,000 square kilometers in size would meet humans' entire primary energy needs. Generation of power or thermal energy through solar will give the energy and environmental security requirements and empowers economic sustainability for ever to industries, nations and the entire humanity. HARIYA SOLAR is a total solution provider on solar energy, designing and executing solar power projects. It provides expert engineering and environmental services in the areas of renewable energy, power engineering and environmental management. The skills and expertise are drawn from around 25 years experience. It is creating sustainable long-term power solutions and energy security. The expertise on planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance of power projects will reflect on huge success and profits.

Our Focus shall meet all 5E’s in totality: - Energy solutions, Environmental solutions, Economical solutions, Empowering solutions & Educative solutions.

Hariya Solar is a turn-key solar developer providing all of the deal structure, design and detailed engineering.

A solar park is a complex undertaking that involves various agencies and many integral components.

Either full system contract execution or balance of system works we are affable to deliver only the best on time.

HARIYA SOLAR improves your plant performance consistently and reduces the overall costs of   O & M.