The Sun Power of Future


HARIYA SOLAR is a turn-key solar farm developer providing all of the deal structure, design and detailed engineering, construction and asset management including Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC), integration, operations and maintenance.

a) Solar PV

Photovoltaic (PV) cells transform solar energy directly into electric energy. The first practical application came in the 1950s when NASA used PV cells to supply power to its satellites. Today, PV cells are in use around the world. Solar Panels currently on the market have an energy-conversion efficiency of between around 15 and 25 percent and are easy to combine into a large array to create solar PV power plants.

b) Solar CSP

A concentrated solar power (CSP) plant works much like any thermal power plant. The difference is that it uses solar energy to produce steam to use in the process industry or drive a turbine and generator. A CSP plant needs the right location: one that has lots of flat open space which offers both solar intensity and the necessary infrastructure. CSP plants need a nearby source of water (either for process plant or for the steam turbine) and a nearby transmission line to evacuate power.Either solar PV or solar CSP we offer our solutions on the following category.

  • Captive mode – Where the Generated energy is consumed for own purpose (captive power plant-CPP)
  • Open Access mode – where the power is sold to other consumers (independent power producer-IPP)
  • SL-Solar lease - where the investor owns the solar asset at a customer’s place and the Generated solar power is consumed by the customer at a predetermined rate, period agreed upon mutually. The solar asset is transferred to customer after the agreed contract period.

Types of Solar Systems

  • RM – Roof mount – solar plant installed on Own building, leased roof etc.
  • GM -Ground mount – solar plant on land at customer location, other suitable location.