The Sun Power of Future


A solar park is a complex undertaking that involves various agencies and many integral components. Our pooled multi dimensional expertise helps to bring your solar farms online rapidly.– We ensure one point contact, hassle free asset ownership, predictive and assured revenue/returns for a very longer period, zero risk environment. Solar Park model is to Build, Operate and maintain solar assets from MW to GWs. You own solar asset and we will be your developer& managers.

Advantages of our solar park

  • Overall cost and time saving due to on tap energy and revenue generation.
  • Cost Effective asset ownership and assured returns.
  • Optimal solar plant design and internationally proven best quality products and services with the state of the art technology ensures sustainable power plant performance and higher profits for years to come.
  • Workmanship beyond compare
  • Ready to move & start operation because it will not require any search for people, product, permits, potential locations, on pros and cons etc.
  • Hassle free approvals and clearances in hand.
  • Proven location, assured Capacity utilization Factor and performance ratio for power generation.
  • Established standards on Quality, Safety and Time bound work execution and management of projects.
  • Results on better project IRR, equity IRR and Bankability.
  • If required, Facilitates sale of power on long term basis with Power purchase Agreement.
  • Renewable Energy Certificate sale
  • Operation and Maintenance services for the life cycle of the plant.
  • Third party certification
  • If required Advice to secure financial assistance from institutions.